About Cofome, LLC

I am always thinking of new projects and resources that I believe will be of assistance to the Church.  Over the years, I’ve developed several different websites and blogs, I’ve written a book and started a podcast, and now God is calling me to EVEN MORE!

Some of these projects are small and some are big.  Some are temporary and some require ongoing care and maintenance.

In short, Cofome, LLC. is an umbrella business that will house these various different projects.

In some cases, it makes sense to charge for these various projects and resources.  Others, I would like to offer for free.

Recently, the two things that God has made very clear to me are 1) that He wants me to continue to be open to starting and growing new projects and 2) start inviting others to be a part of it in whatever ways makes sense.  This is where Cofome, LLC comes into play.  It gives me a canvas to continue to be creative and open to growing these various efforts as well as providing a way to invite others in.

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